Flexible Business or Commercial Storage

Free up valuable space in your office or warehouse by storing excess inventory, documents, construction materials, or construction equipment with Safe Storage Cornwall. With over a dozen options, we offer non-climate units of all sizes, heated and cooled units, and XL units.

Our business and commercial storage options have numerous benefits, including:

  1. Flexibility: Month-to-month lease with no long-term commitments.
  2. Security: The only storage facility in Cornwall with gated access, a fully fenced site and surveillance cameras to ensure the safety and security of stored items. No open gate hours.
  3. Accessibility: Access your unit 24/7 using your keypad code without waiting for regular business hours.
  4. Lighting: With more lights than a Christmas tree, your unit is easily visible at night.

Our business and commercial storage is perfect for:

  1. Seasonal Storage: Store seasonal inventory, displays, decorations, or equipment during off-peak seasons, freeing up space in your primary business location.
  2. Document Storage and Archiving: We offer a secure and climate-controlled environment for businesses to store important documents, files, and records. This helps your business comply with document retention requirements while freeing up office space.
  3. Business Expansion: You can expand operations without the need for additional physical space. Store excess inventory, equipment, or supplies off-site until they are needed.
  4. Disaster Recovery: We can serve as a disaster recovery strategy in case of emergencies such as fire, flood, or other natural disasters that could damage on-site inventory or equipment.
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