Maximize Your Space

Use the same sized boxes and stack them vertically!

Label your boxes :)

Keep a list of your items in storage.

Stack heavier items at the bottom.

Rent a larger unit. You always need more room than you think!

No jerry cans, oil, or paint!

Leave a small path down the middle of your unit for access.

Lock your unit!

Use a pallet on the floor and cover your items with a blanket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Safe Storage Cornwall located? Safe Storage Cornwall is located at 3100 Marleau Avenue, Cornwall, ON K6H 6B5, Canada. What are my payment options? Payment can be done by autopay, e-transfer, or through our payment portal.

How do I book a storage unit in Cornwall, Ontario? You can book a unit online, at the facility kiosk, or by telephone. When are you open? We are always open, but are only available by telephone from 8 am to 10 pm, Monday to Saturday.

When can I access my storage unit in Cornwall, Ontario? Access your storage unit 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. No phone calls or appointments necessary.

Am I required to store long-term? We offer flexible month-to-month leases so you never store longer than you need. 15 day notice is required when moving out. How do I calculate how much storage space I need? Please visit the Storage Calculator and/or the Size Guide tools within our website to help determine your storage requirements.

Do I need to insure my belongings while in storage? Insurance is required for your belongings. Please note that if you decide to use your home's insurance policy for coverage it has a deductible, which does not provide coverage.
What type of documentation is required to rent a storage unit in Cornwall, Ontario? A valid piece of government-issued ID is required.

Do I need to sign a contract to rent a storage unit in Cornwall, Ontario? A rental agreement is required in order to move in. This helps protect you and us. Do you offer parking for cars, boats, or RV’s in Cornwall, Ontario? Yes! Assigned parking is provided upon completing a rental agreement. Do I need my own lock? You can either bring your own lock or purchase a lock on site. What happens if my storage unit is too big or small after I move in? Send us an e-mail and we can expand or downsize your unit! How do refunds and credits work? All refunds and credits are as per the lease agreement. What is autopay? With autopay, your monthly storage bill will be deducted from your credit card automatically every month and your administrative fee will be credited!

What security features do you offer? Our facility is equipped with high-definition video cameras, perimeter fencing, and with a keypad entry gate entry. It’s our job to make sure your belongings are safe.

What items am I NOT allowed to store in Cornwall, Ontario? Units are for the dormant storage of items. Occupants are not allowed to store food, flammable liquids, stolen goods, hazardous materials, perishables, plants, explosives, firearms, animals, illegal or controlled substances.